ilveskivi trail

The trail passes through a young mixed forest towards Ilveskivi’s rock and heath terrain dominated by pines. At 16 metres high, Ilveskivi is one of the largest erratic boulders in Finland. It was named Ilveskivi, 'Lynx Rock', after the lynxes that still lived in the area’s rocky terrain at the beginning of the 20th century. You can get to the top of Ilveskivi by climbing the stairs. At the foot of Ilveskivi, there is a nice spot for taking a break.  


3 Faktaa:

  • Bridge, duckboards, rocky paths
  • Chance to climb up to the top of Ilveskivi
  • Nice sheltered spot in which to eat your packed lunch

Trail rating:



The trail is suitable for families with children, but is not accessible to all.


About 1 hour

Trail markings:

The trail is marked with signposts and red trail markings.

Getting to the trail :

Parking area at the end of Lostensvägen

Lostensvägen 210 
68970 Överpurmo (Pedersöre)

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