Katikankanjoni 2,0 km

The Katikankanjoni canyon is located at the upper course of Hyypänjoki River, considered as a landscape area of national value. The exceptional landscape of Katikankanjoni surprises and delightsthe visitor. In the middle of an even landscape, there is a deep canyon with narrow ridges. In the middle of a shady spruce forest, there is a periodically surging brook. Katikankanjoni is a rugged place of magical beauty to explore. When walking along the bottom of the canyon, you find it difficult to believe you are in South Ostrobothnia. The steep slopes descent in some places almost vertically to the bottom of the brook valley


4 Facts:

  • A magical place
  • Steep ascents and descents
  • A Lean-to at a lookout spot
  • Part of Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

Trail rating:



The trail is suitable as a day-trip destination to all hikers in good condition.


About 2 h including stops

Trail markings:

The trail is marked with red fibre bands. The trail track in the terrain is easily distinguishable.

Getting to the trail:

Starting point
Katikankanjoni parking area
Kiviluomantie 461, 61950 Juonikylä (Kauhajoki)
(WGS84) N62° 14.36163' E22° 19.42320'

The parking area is signposted.

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