nallenpolku trail 4,3 km

The easy Nallenpolku trail, located in a beautiful landscape, passes through the Ähtäri tourism area. The trail is mainly lighted, and along it, there are three info boards with stories about the history of the area. You will learn, among other things, how John, the Duke of Finland, is related to Ähtäri; why Annikka Matintytär was put in the stocks for two Sundays, and when Russian soldiers moved around in the area. Along the trail, there are also rest stops and accommodation and summer café services available


4 Facts:

  • An easy trail
  • A lighted trail in a lake landscape
  • Services available along the trail
  • Suits cyclists, too

Trail rating:



Suitable for hikers preferring an easy and safe trail. The trail is also cyclable.


2 h in one direction, there and back 3–4 h (8.6 km)

Trail markings:

The track is signposted and marked with yellow pug signs.

Getting to the trail

Starting point 1
Moksunniemi lean-to
Moksunsalontie 36, 63700 Ähtäri
The parking area is next to the starting point
N62 31.203 E24 12.541

Starting point 2
Ähtäri Zoo Camping (parking area)
Karhunkierros 229, 63700 Ähtäri
N62 32.415 E24 10.372

At Ähtäri Zoo Camping, Nallenpolku runs in the area between the road (Karhunkierros) and the lakeside. The distance from the camping area to the Roomuniemi hut is about 900 m and to the Moksunniemi lean-to 3.4 km, respectively.

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