Paalijärvi Hiking Trail 22,3 km

The Paalijärvi Hiking Trail is a 22.3-km circle trail, which passes through fields and well-managed forests in the village of Paalijärvi, Alajärvi, South Ostrobothnia. The impressive gate at its starting point guides the hiker to the bosom of Mother Nature. On the diversified trail, you can stop to listen to the murmur of the Myllypuro brook or to study places of interest related to the local history. The Paalijärvi trail features several rocks of great natural beauty and well-managed rest stops. You can also view the South Ostrobothnian fieldscape from the 18.5-metre-high belvedere.

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3 Facts:

  • Versatile and variable terrain
  • Observation tower which is 18.5 m high
  • Good break places

Trail rating:



Suitable as a day-trip destination for hikers in normal physical condition accustomed to walking in nature.


About 8 to 12 hours including stops

Trail markings:

Route has been marked with orange arrow signs

Getting to the trail:

Starting point 1
Back of Paalijärvi Dance Pavilion.
Paalijärventie, 62950 Alajärvi
63°03'04.8"N 23°54'55.2"E

Other information:

You need not walk the entire trail in one go. Thanks to its several starting points, you can choose between different legs of the trail. Examples of short day trips:

  • From the starting point at the dance pavilion to the lean-to of Kivenpesäkallio 2.8 km
  • From the starting point by the running track to the belvedere 3.8 km
  • From the parking area at the grain dryer (Puntosenmäki) to the Myllypuro brook 3.8 km

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