Särkisen polku 4,6 km

The Särkisen Polku trail leads to the landscape of Levaneva Nature Conservation Area. The trail winds across varied swamp landscapes, passing occasionally by groves, and the forests fringing the swamp. The trail offers a lot to see, and detailed information about nature. The trail is easy to walk on and suitable for walkers with different levels of fitness. Halfway through the trail, there is a wilderness hut where you can rest a while and feel the winds of history. The Särkisen Polku trail is part of the longer Kurjen Kierros trail.

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3 Facts:

  • Nature conservation area
  • The trail features a wilderness hut, where it is possible to spend a night
  • An easy trail in swamp landscapes

Trail rating:

Easy / medium


Suitable as a day-trip destination for all people interested in walking in nature, irrespective of previous experience


About 2 to 3 h with stops

Trail markings:

The trail has duckboards; the intersections of paths are equipped with signposts. In the forest terrain, the trail is marked on trees with blue dabs of paint.

Getting to the trail:

Starting point 1
Peräkylä parking area
Tainuskyläntie 430, 66350 Tainus (Kurikka, Jurva)

The starting point is signposted (Kurjen Kierros), and there are clear signboards at it.

(WGS84) N62° 44.82013' E22° 7.51661'

Other information:

The trail is a 4.6 km-long combination of a line segment-circle route, whose start and end overlap on a leg of 1.2 km.

From Särkisen Polku, you can also start the longer and more challenging trail of Kurjen Kierros (of some 50 km).

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