suksenjärvi trail 8 km

The Suksenjärven kierros trail leads from the heath terrain of the Parra Leisure Centre towards Sivin kämppä, an old cabin, passing by Lake Suksenjärvi. Along the trail, there are commercial forests of different ages. You can experience a sense of wilderness by Lake Suksenjärvi, where you can climb two bird-watching towers and spot a wide range of avian species during the spring migration and nesting periods. The hiker can stop and take a break in simple cabins or at a lean-to.


3 Facts:

  • Varied landscapes
  • Two birdwatching towers on a wilderness lake
  • Several rest stops

Trail rating:



Suitable for hikers with some experience, but also for beginners in good condition. 


3–4 h in one direction, there and back 5–7 h (16 km).

Trail markings:

The trail is signposted and equipped with blue route signs, as well as with “you are here” maps at the junctions and rest stops.

Getting to the trail

Starting point 1
Parra Leisure Centre, parking area
Parrantie 27, 64700 Teuva
(WGS84) N62 25.616 E21 49.688

In front of the parking area, behind the trees, in the middle of the buildings, there is a large route map, in the vicinity of which there are wooden signposts (e.g. Sivin kämppä) and wooden poles with blue ends to mark the trail.

The trail is part of the Muinaisvuori trails, connected with Pappilankangas, Teuva, and Karijoki (Kakkori, Peurajärvi, and the centre of the municipality).

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