Tegelbruksbacken-norrfjärden Nature Trail

This nature trail within a Natura 2000 site, close to the centre of an idyllic small town, is an excellent destination for the whole family to explore the outdoors. When hiking along the gravelled and natural paths, you will be able to experience a variety of things, including crossing small wooden bridges, climbing a bird-watching tower, balancing on duckboards, pausing by the information boards, walking along the hanging bridge and taking a break by the riverside. In summer, lucky visitors may even catch a glimpse of cattle or sheep in the pasture areas. This is a circular trail running from Norrfjärden to Tegelbruksbacken and continuing along Tiukantie Road, the town bridge and Merikatu Street to the bay of Norrfjärden.


3 Facts:

  • Nature conservation area with a rich diversity of habitats and landscapes 
  • Small and large bridges
  • Easy accessibility from the town

Trail rating:



The trail is suitable for day trips for novice hikers and families with school-aged children. Not suitable for the disabled.


3-4 hours (incl. short pauses and one half-hour break) 1.5 - 2 h without any breaks.

Trail markings:

The trail has been clearly marked with signposts, blue trail marks and trail maps with “You are here” signs. The street section (1.5 km) has not been marked.

Getting to the trail

Parking area 1:

Address (approximately) Merikatu 1 (on the opposite side)

64100 Kristinestad

N62 16.864 E21 22.749

Parking area 2:

Roughly 900 m north of the Merikatu parking area.  

Drive along the road (the ‘Naturstig/Luontopolku’ sign) branching off from Kristiinankaupungintie Road for about 200 m until you arrive at the parking area.

N62 17.274 E21 22.693

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