The Ostrobothnian Winter Wonderland

Wintry Ostrobothnia offers a great selection of things to see and do, regardless of whether the aim is to have an action packed winter holiday, enjoy the tranquillity of the nature, or relax far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you are young or old, Ostrobotnia offers everybody a great holiday, including a wide variety of downhill and flat country skiing opportunities, great experiences in the midst of the nature and relaxation at top quality spas, as well as fun, action packed activity parks. On the other hand, the Ostrobothnian cities and towns offer some great shopping experiences where you could complete all your Christmas shopping.


Skiing Through the Winter

You may be surprised that flat Ostrobotnia offers several very good downhill ski slopes that suit both beginners as well as more experienced downhill skiers. Even the smallest members of the family are not left without something to do, as there are great hills for some fun sledge riding. Alternatively get to know mesmerising wintry Ostrobotnia on the endless cross-country skiing tracks available both on land and ice.


Close to Nature

The people of Ostrobotnia live in perfect harmony with nature. Here you can really experience the delicacy of nature at its core, or have an unforgettable adventure on a reindeer ride or a husky safari. You can also have a wonderful time ice fishing on the sea, rivers and lakes of Ostrobothnia. On the ice you can really experience the chill of the winter, so don’t forget to dress appropriately in thick winter overalls.


The Idyllic Countryside

The snow covered Ostrobothnian countryside with its unique sweeping expanses is simply a magic sight to experience. Here you can find charming travel destinations nestled in the picturesque wintry countryside catering to travellers all year around. You also have a fantastic opportunity to experience nature in a new and different way,  as you can really achieve true piece of mind in one of Ostrothnia’s many accommodation alternatives set in the midst of the nature that range from tiny rustic cottages to luxurious villas.


Escape Winter in an Oasis for the Mind or Body or Go Shopping

Take a break from work and the cold at one of Ostrobothnia’s relaxing spas or happening activity parks. Alternatively, the towns and cities of Ostrobothnia offer some interesting and versatile shopping opportunities, from big shopping centres to charming small boutiques. Shopping at the renown and very different – Tuuri Village Store- one of the largest department stores in Finland set virtually in the middle of nowhere in Ostrobotnia is an experience that really should not missed.

As you can see you will not run out of things to see and do in Ostrobotnia even in the midst of winter! Find out more about travel opportunities in Ostrobotnia on the various regional travel web sites.